Díaz-Faes and his new proposal at Urvanity Art Fair

The resident artists of Colección SOLO, Juan Díaz-Faes, Sergio Mora and Bnomio were present at Urvanity 2021 as part of Limited by SOLO, Colección SOLO’s store that seeks to generate new opportunities for its creators in residence. Graphic work, sculpture and even jewelry signed by these artists were part of the stand of this project that seeks to promote art collecting.

In collaboration with Limited by SOLO, the artworks by Asturian artist Juan Díaz-Faes were full of a fun visual language, and formats as varied as ceramics, skates or aged ink prints. 

Díaz-Faes has also participated as a guest artist in Urvanity, where he has signed the sculptures, named Pitarras, in the central courtyard of the Official College of Architects of Madrid.