Toro Osborne

Juan Díaz-Faes has been in charge of “rejuvenating” the iconic Osborne bull on his 65 anniversary.

In 2021, the iconic Osborne bull turns 65 and celebrates its anniversary with a contemporary version of the now classic silhouette created in 1956. The artist Juan Díaz-Faes has been in charge of “rejuvenating” the creation of the artist Manolo Prieto. This special occasion marked by its anniversary is the result of the collaboration of the Osborne Foundation and Colección SOLO.

The 4-meter-high bull is dressed in red and combined with black in the form of geometric patterns that lead us to understand the nature of the animal itself. “The silhouette of the Osborne bull is burned into our memory. There are many instances in which its shape has quickly passed before our eyes. But what would happen if we looked at it through a microscope? ”This is the question the artist asked himself when he received the invitation to create a contemporary version of Osborne´s bull.The work created for the anniversary of Manolo Prieto´s bull will remain in the Toro Gallery in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), which exhibits the great Osborne landmarks since its inception in 1772 and which houses works by artists such as Dalí, Annie Lebovitz, Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton, among others, inspired by the famous bull. A smaller piece, also made by Díaz-Faes, will travel to different international fairs such as the Pictoplasma in Berlin.