Last may, Juan Díaz-Faes intervened a mural by the rooftop pool at the Aloft Hotel Gran Vía Madrid.

The work consists of a unique 8.5m2 mural titled Olaft made specifically for the hotel and displayed on one of the walls of the W XYZ® Bar on its impressive rooftop that has not only become the permanent home of this mural, but also houses several pieces loaned by the artist. The project has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the hotel with Colección SOLO, a project of patronage, support and guidance to international contemporary creation based in Madrid.

The artist talks about his work, located next to the pool, “it represents two bathers joined by their limbs. In this case, the union is less than what usually exists in my work, because it symbolizes how we are, little by little, recovering social relationships and interactions which have such importance, but in a subtle way, talking about how we can be together enjoying shared places . On the left you can find the sphere that I am incorporating into all my interventions after the pandemic, it symbolizes light and sunrise. On this wall it makes more sense than ever, as it is the sun that the bathers enjoy, but beyond this, I want to represent the rebirth that we all have to live and how, slowly, we have to recover our way of life”.