A collection of unique pieces that connect art, design and architecture in collaboration with Formica Group.

 FAESMICA is born from a collaboration with the artist Juan Díaz Faes and the laminate brand Formica Group through which they seek to celebrate love for materials and the environment we inhabit. Everything is connected in Espacio SOLO, the museum of Colección SOLO, an international project of patronage and support to artists of which Díaz-Faes is an artist in residence. Thanks to the Formica materials, a reference brand in the field of architecture and sustainable interior design, Díaz-Faes has transformed a smooth wall and turned it into something new and unexpected, a large-format mosaic made with pieces of wood and colors, created from 28 pieces of 60x60cm in compact Formica® laminate. This work introduces us to genderless beings, half people half mountains, who look at us, show us their inner self, smile and invite us to reflect on the importance of being happy in our own habitat. An invitation to enjoy art, architecture and the materials that make it up.

Alongside an ephemeral work created in three skates - also made with the same laminate material- and BLACKFAES -100 unique figures made in the so-called F2253 Diamond Black of the same brand-, it seeks to convey the passion for organic materials and the continuous interest in exploring its possibilities, its textures. Both are characteristic of Díaz-Faes’ style and his creation of universes populated by multiple geometric patterns. Its classic monochromatic palette now dares with shades of color close to chromatic ranges found in nature.