Piezas únicas de madera pintadas a mano ideales para crear un skatewall en casa

The essence of the street to transform an interior.

Blackinetes by Juan Díaz-Faes are unique, hand painted with the artist’s most experimental patterns. Micro universes of geometry, gold and rounded forms, these works bring the vitality of the street straight to your wall. “Skateboards in themselves have a lot to say. They form part of a whole generation. By working with a board, you’re talking about where you come from and in my case that’s the world of skateboarding and surfing.”

These Blackinetes are a nod to the artist’s origins, artworks by Juan Díaz-Faes that are rooted in urban culture and expressed in a format fresh from the street. “You don’t put wheels on a canvas,” says the artist. “You can’t put wheels on a wall to take it somewhere else.” But a Blackinete is mobile, dynamic, art in the shape of pure energy.

Colección Blackinete