Simple forms and absence of color.

Experimenting with the bare minimum and letting characters, stories, and worlds emerge. In OXETOS, black becomes the only main color, takes shape with geometry, it melts into materials and creates a tale full of narrative and characters, which is transferred to objects that are conceived to share and accompany us in our homes.

This is the challenge set by the artist in the development of the OXETOS´s universe. Starting from minimal geometries, Díaz-Faes adds eyes and a mouth so that the forms come to life. His most recurrent motif is a face formed by two circles and a single line, a friendly face that appears in the most unexpected places: On the spare wheel of a tractor, on pottery, on a wooden plank or a cap. Wherever they are, their creations share glances with the viewer. Each one brims with personality, they are geometries turned into colleagues.

This collection represents a new line of work for this artist with a long career in graphic work, illustration, and urban and rural muralism.