The art of having fun. That’s how we could define the work of Juan Díaz-Faes, a genuine createaholic who’s perfectly at home in a huge range of media and formats. Walls, stables, skateparks, ceramics or up-cycled planks of wood; in the hands of Juan Díaz-Faes, everything can become an antidote to rage, a shock dose of happiness.

Common features across all his artworks are shapes and geometry, patterns and the use of space, colour or its absence. Most of all, an optimistic take and the desire to share it. As the artist says, he’s looking to “have fun and try to pass on that same idea.” The objective of Juan Díaz-Faes is simple: “create things that make people happy.” “I don’t consider myself an artist,” he insists. Drawer, illustrator, surfer, carpenter, incurable explorer…alchemist of chill. A living example that labels fall way short.